Cayuse IRB

Office of Research and Scholarship

Starting February 10, 2020, all IRB protocols will be submitted through the Cayuse IRB system. 


For questions about the IRB process, contact David Pearson, the IRB chair.  

For questions about logging in or the Cayuse system contact the Office of Research and Scholarship at or 903-565-5858. The Cayuse Help Center also has valuable resources on navigating Cayuse although it will require you to first create an account.

                                                     Account Creation

Account creation form: click hereFill out this form to have the Office of Research and Scholarship create an account in Cayuse for you. Once your account has been created you will receive a confirmation email with further instructions. This process could take up to 3 business days.  

Note: Please make sure the email address linked to your CITI account is your UT Tyler email address. 

First time users who have been enrolled in the Cayuse System must use this link to log-in and reset their password: // 

Thereafter, you can log in using this link: //

After logging in, please select Cayuse IRB to begin working in the IRB system.



Please contact the Office of Research to schedule a training. Virtual trainings can be conducted as needed.

There are currently no trainings scheduled. 


                                                    Cayuse Resources

Step-by-step instructions on how to begin and submit an application.


Step-by-step instructions on how to begin and submit a modification form.


Step-by-step instructions on how to renew your study.


Step-by-step instructions on how to close your study.



Why can't I log into Cayuse IRB?

Your name may not be in the Cayuse IRB system. You must submit an online request to be granted access to the Cayuse system. You will receive a confirmation email once you have been added as a user. This process could take up to 3 business days.  

What is the review timeline?

Generally, we ask that you allow at least 3 full weeks for a human subjects protocol review. This time may be longer if full board review is required. Your initial submission, once it is reviewed, may be sent back to you for revisions, or it may be sent to the IRB chair or IRB committee member for review. Notification emails are sent to the PIs, Primary contacts, and other co- investigators at each review stage, and you can always check the status of your protocol in the Cayuse dashboard. There can be circumstances that delay the review of pending IRB submissions. Please note that the IRB will communicate all updates and changes as a Dashboard announcement in the Cayuse IRB system.

How do I find out the status of the proposal review?

In the Cayuse IRB dashboard, the status of your study can be found under the Submissions icon on the left side menu. You can click on the specific submission for more details.

  • In-Draft: The submission has not been completed and/or submitted by the PI.
  • Awaiting Approval: The submission is awaiting PI review or certification.
  • Pre-Review: The submission is with the Research Compliance Analyst for pre-review.
  • Under Review: The submission has been sent to the IRB reviewer.
Can student investigators “certify” and/or submit a protocol/initial application through Cayuse?

Yes, student investigators can submit an application in Cayuse IRB. However, the initial submission, changes, and any future activity on the study will all have to be certified by the student’s faculty advisor who should be listed as such on the application. 

Is Cayuse IRB Training available?

Yes, if you would like our staff to come and present to a class or meeting, please email us at

What do I need to submit in Cayuse IRB?

The initial application is the main application. You can attach additional documents directly to the submission. Sections of the submission form allow researchers to attach or cut/paste word .docs or .pdf files. You would need to do this to attach your supporting 500 Internal Server Error

Internal Server Error

The server encountered an internal error and was unable to complete your request. Either the server is overloaded or there is an error in the application.

and other needed materials for study.

How are the pre-Cayuse protocols being handled?

All protocols with a PI who confirmed they are still active, were uploaded into Cayuse IRB. PIs will follow the Modification or Closure steps in Cayuse IRB. Please email with any questions.