Military and Veterans Education Benefit Session Request-Complete 1 Request for Each Session

Read and Acknowledge Instructions to Continue to the Request


All summer classes will be online

Based what the VA instructed us to do

We still have to wait to do certifications for summer untill told to do so.

We are working on getting a complete list of classes that were going to be resident (face to face) for Summer 2020.

Those classes and only those classes will be reported as resident hours with a Covid-19 comment.  

Returning students who were getting resident BAH/MHA for Spring 2020 at UT tyler are suppose to get resident BAH/MHA

Note Houston, Longview, Tyler classes that were x4x sections still count as online per VA requirements.  Even if they combined them with a 001 section and converted it to 06x sections.



Student who were online only and any new UT Tyler students will probably get only the Online rate.  

Please undersand, we just report the way we are told to report. The VA will determine the pay rate


Session Request Form for all Veteran Benefits,  VA, Hazlewood, and T/A.

Open dates

Fall open 1 July-last day of class for all fall sessions

Spring open 1 Nov-last day of class for all spring sessions

Summer open 1 April-last day of class for all summer sessions

All semesters application periods close on the last day of classes for the semester benifits are being requested to be processed/certified

We will not backdate VA benefits if you did not submit complete supporting documents and the session request by the last day of classses the semester for the semester benifits are being requested to be processed/certified.

Hazlewood can never be backdated.


SessionReques and Do not Drop (DnD) Request is completed thru a Qualtrix survey.

You are only allowed to list your or email address 

You will receive a copy of your request to your UT Tyler student email once submited  IF you list your correct student email-ie make sure you list your correct email. We will reply within 3-5 work days after reciving you request-sorry no auto replies. That does not mean it is processed or correct, just that we recieved it.  Untill we look at your enrolled classes/requested classes and degree plan we can not know if it is correct


YOU CAN NOW SEE THE DnD in your student center after applied-please do not contat us about it more than 2 days before the bill due date.


You are REQUIRED to submit a separate request for each session in the semester you are taking classes.

This is how we track bill due dates and prioritize processing/certifying.

Each session is certified separatly to the VA for each session based on session start, census, and end dates along with hours taken in that session.

VA evaluates each session separatly based on start and end dates-not the whole semester like scholl financial aid. 

If you are taking classes in multiple sessions in the same semester you have to submit multiple session requests. Ie 1 request per session/a SEPARATE Session Request MUST be submitted for each session attended

Regular (Fall/Spring) 15/16 week,

7week 1 MBA, 7 week 2 MBA

7week 1 BAAS, 7 week 2 BAAS

14 week Nursing 7week 1 Nursing, 7 week 2 Nursing

PHARMD 6 week 1, PHARMD 6 Week 2, PHARMD 6week 3

Short/Maymestr/3 week Summer, 5 Week Summer 1, 5 Week Summer 2, 12 Week Long Summer



Note for 14 Week Nursing 

A standard quarter for VA is 9-13 weeks

A standard Semester is 15-19 weeks

As the 14 week does not fit in the standard term format we are certifying it as a 500 Internal Server Error

Internal Server Error

The server encountered an internal error and was unable to complete your request. Either the server is overloaded or there is an error in the application.

end dates.  WE DO NOT KNOW WHAT IS CONSIDERED FULL TIME.  the best answer is do the sam as you would in the 15/16 week semester.


Incorrect session requests with incorrect classes, sessions, multiple sessions will not be processed. 

You will have to resubmit your request(s) correctly and it/they will be processed in the order the correct and resubmitted request are received.

Incorrectly listed sessions can result in you being dropped because sessions have different bill due dates.

Section numbers are how we determine what campuses classes are at.

All 060 thru 069 and 040 thru 049 sections are considered online.

If you are enrolled in those sections on your student center, that is what will be reported to the VA.

Teleconfrence/Internet TV/zoom classes are considered online by the VA period.

CH33 Standalone Internships or Practicums are not considered main campus in residence classes according to the VA, reguardless of where performed.  IE standalone(completly separate class) internships/practicum classes for Houston/Palestine are paid Tyler BAH/MHA


Please read the entire page. 

When you submit your request you are acknowleding that you read, understand and agree to this entire page 

Before submitting your Session Request

  • We must already have a complete supporting documentation file on hand for you
    • Emailed you that we accepted your complete supporting documentation
  • Submit TA (Tuition Assistance) Forms  to
    • We will not certify your GI Bill if T/A is on your account and we do not have the forms
    • We are legally required to deduct the TA Amount form the reported tuition
    • Can not be used with CH1606 for the same classes


  • If you skip any fall or spring semester you must 
    • Submit all new supporting documentation for a new file
    • Receive confirmation from us that your supporting documentation is Complete and Accepted

You have to opt in to the conditions for the DnD thru this form or pay your bill up front-even CH33

You must have a complete packet and submit your request on time for us to do this.

CH30/CH33/CH35/CH1606/Hazlewood/TA DnD Session Requests must be submitted 10 work days before the bill due date to guarantee the DnD will be applied by the bill due date

No DnD for CH31 Vocrehab-either we have everything and it will be applied or we do 500 Internal Server Error

Internal Server Error

The server encountered an internal error and was unable to complete your request. Either the server is overloaded or there is an error in the application.

DnD if Student buisness services has not put the contract in our system for us to place on your account.


On-time CH33 requests we will place a Do Not Drop on your account and process a $0 initial certification and we will only place the money on your account after census date when we go back and have to do the final cert. 

Summer 2020 at least all sessions starting in May 2020 will be processed in the following manor.

The VA has told us to hold off on Summer certifications untill further notice comes from the VA

You must request a DnD or Pay upfront out of pocket

No initial certification will be processed-Book stipends and initial MHA/BAH payments will be late for the initial summer 2020 sessions 

Only a final cert will be processed starting the day after census

Late CH33 requests will be only be final certified after the census date have to do it once and you will need to pay your bill if there is a bill due 2 days prior to the Bill Due Date. 

On-time CH30, 35 and 1606 requests will receive a Do Not Drop that will be processed by Bill Due Date.

Late CH30, 35 and 1606 requests will be processed after all ontime CH30/35/1606 requests are processed


Mike will process just the Pharmacy/Houston/Longview/Palestine CH33 along with all non CH33 along with all supporting documentation for benefits and responding to Veteran Education Benefit Semester/Session Requests. CH35 pay for previous semester requests must best submitted during the first semester attended with benefits between 15-31 October/15-30 March/15-30 June, and will only be processed if the CoE is dated afterr the start date of the first semester benefits are used and the CoE is the first one recieved with the start date declaration form.

At the end of April Mike will terminate and recertify Houston and Palestine from Fall 2018-Fall 2019 CH33 only-not CH31

Houston would get get some back pay

Palestine SHOULD/VA "PROMISES" you will not be billed for overpayment.  BUt you will get a debt lette which they are supposed to wiave automatically.

Any questions you will need call the VA 30 days after you get the terimination email from the VA.  Do not ask us all we do is submit it in VA once and then it is all up to the VA. 

Shawn will process all the CH33 except Pharmacy/Houston/Longview

Returning students upload the new Student Statement of Responsibility to canvas before any more processing will be completed

By clicking the appropiate link below, I acknowledge that

I have read this entire page

I understand, agree to and will follow the instructions on this page

If I do not follow instructions

My request not being accepted

My request will have to be resubmitted correctly


(Link)  SUMMER Semester Session Request-Open April 1st thru the last summer class day

**Summer Processing Calendar**


FALL 2020 Session request will only be available in the MVSC Canvas Course

Going forward all semesters after this will only be available AFTER you submit all supporting documents in canvas or if we have your file all ready.